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Regular maintenance and servicing
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Get lost in nature
and you will find yourself

We live in a beautiful world, and one of the most amazing countries on top of that. We are explorers, beyond the bike park trails or the city streets. Our services and range of outdoor products will be what you need for your next bikepacking trip, hiking expedition or camping adventure.

Our Services

Bike Service

Our team of technicians share decades of experience in both shop and professional racing environments, and we constantly strive to learn more about new tech.

Bike Fitment

Having the correct bicycle setup or even buying the right sized bicycle has a significant impact on your overall riding experience.



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Customer reviews

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Worth it!

Again I was blown away by the exceptional service I received from the coolest group of guys. I was constantly kept up to date on the progress and estimated costs and my bike was returned in prime condition. The respect they treated me with will always be appreciated!

Martelie Van Wyk De Vries

Great Quality

I just want personally thank Shaun Oosthuizen with assisting me with a personal bike-setup. This man is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful when it to comes to making you as comfortable and efficient as possible on either a road-, time-trial- or mountain bike. The entire staff at Traillwolf Cycles are very friendly and going out of their way to assist were possible. Thank you guys, please keep up the great work!!

Gerhard Grebe

Great Quality

I would like to send a shout out the the guys at Trail Wolf for the bike build they did for me in April. I purchased a Pyga 110 frame from them and they moved over the components from my GT Zaskar (with a few new additions). They did a really good job, and gave great advice! I will definitely be making them my preferred LBS from now on.

Derek Chritofer Jones

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